Civil Dept Faculty

Introduction to our faculty:

Our school employs competent faculty memebers qualified to accomplish the mission and goals of INU. Currenlty, three Phd and ten MS faculty members, qualified from local and foreign reputable universities are serving our Civil school.

Our staff has set high standard in terms of competence, effectiveness, professional licensure, certifications, honours and awards. There is notable continuous documented excellence in terms of teaching, and other achievements that contribute to effective teaching and student leanring.

Faculty Members:

Dr. Engr. M.A.Q Jehangir Durrani
Dean (Engineering & Applied Sciences)
BS.c Engineering, UET Peshawar
MS.c Engineering UET Lahore
Ph.D Engineering, University of Birmingham

Dr. Engr. Mehboob Alam

Chairman / Associate Professor
BS.c Engineering, UET Peshawar
MS.c Engineering, University of Stuttgart, Germany
Ph.D Engineering, University of Stuttgart, Germany

Dr. Muhammad Tayyab Naqash

Assistant Professor
BS.c Engineering, Quest (Nawab Shah)
MS.c Engineering, Unina Italy
Ph.D Engineering, Unich Italy

Engr. Mudassar Nawaz Khan Assistant Professor
Engr. Kashif Mehmood Assistant Professor
Engr. Amjad Islam Assistant Professor
Muhammad Zeeshan Ahad Assistant Professor
Engr. Syed Azmat Ali Shah Assistant Professor
Ijaz Ahmad Dean PA
Shahzaib Khan Lab Assistant
Inam Hussain Lab Assistant
Hamid Nawab Lab Assistant
Ali Haider Lab Assistant
Engr. Safeer Ullah Lab Engineer
Engr. Syed Hamza Mustafa Lab Engineer
Engr. Syed Ashraf Ali Lab Engineer
Engr. Shams ul Arifin Lab Engineer
Engr. Mehmood Hameed Lab Engineer
Engr. Muhammad Saqib Lab Engineer
Engr. Usama Ali Lab Engineer
Engr. Abdullah Khan Lab Engineer
Engr. Abdul Qadeer Afiridi Lecturer
Engr. Arshad Ullah Lecturer
Engr. Muhammad Irshad Lecturer
Ismat Bahar Lecturer
Engr. Syed Shahan Ali Shah Lecturer
Engr. Shabir Ahmad Lecturer
Engr. Shad Muhammad Lecturer
Zeeshan Khan Lecturer