Aims and Objectives:

Journal of Emerging Trends in Applied Engineering (JETAE) is a blind peer-reviewed, quarterly published, open access journal that aims to provide a highly coherent and valuable addition to Engineering literature that will serve as a beneficial reference tool.

JETAE will provide a medium through which scholars and researchers all over the world publish their scholarly, applied and fundamental, works in the form of Journals, Reviews, Projects or Letters that will include all new theoretical and experimental findings in the fields of Engineering, Technology, Applied Science and any closely related disciplines.


Journal of Emerging Trends Applied Engineering will publish research articles and encourages the submission of critical review articles and letter covering advances in recent research of Engineering and Technology. JETAE will continue to provide information on the latest emerging trends and developments in this ever-expanding subject of Engineering and related disciplines.

JETAE currently publish topics related to the fields of Electrical Engineering, Civil Engineering, and Computer Sciences.

Review Policy:

All manuscripts are subject to a blind peer-review process, and are expected to meet standards of academic excellence in the relevant fields. If approved by the editor and relevant area editors, submissions will be considered by peer-reviewers, whose identities will remain anonymous to the authors.

Submission Guidelines:

Manuscripts should be submitted by one of the authors of the manuscript written in the provided template. Regardless of the source of the word-processing tool, only electronic PDF can be submitted for review. However, the final copy will be provided in word (.doc, .docx, etc.) format.

There is no page limit. Only online submissions are accepted to facilitate rapid publication and minimize administrative costs. Submissions by anyone other than one of the authors will not be accepted. The submitting author takes responsibility for the paper during submission and peer review.