Media Mass Communication

Department of Mass Communication & Media Studies is a new department that offers world class bachelor’s degree in Mass Communication & Media Studies. The main of the department is:

  • To prepare the students to learn effective communication on broader level and to recognize and analyze the media problem coming across the local areas.
  • To make the students understand the role of mass media and meet the expectations of their local people.
  • To make the students learn how to develop social, human, technological, organizational, environmental mode of communication for the benefit of their community.
  • To make students aware of the economic, political and ethical code of conduct for the mass communication and media studies.


What is Mass Communication & Media Studies?

Mass communication: an intensive term that largely encompasses social media, print media, electronic media and all related activities that entail the aforementioned mediums of communication. Mass communicators distinguish the best medium of communication for reaching out to the masses.

Mass communicators use journalistic tools such as: blogs, magazines, television, newspapers, websites, mobile apps and social media to reach out to the common man.

Furthermore, mass communicators also use various strategic communication tools such as: strategically crafted messages about product quality, branding, packaging, company and its services to stretch out to the masses.


Career Path:

A professional Course in Mass communication unlocks doors for a career in films & TV, subeditors, feature writers, columnists, graphics development, reporters, documentary and film making.

They can also be hired as media-managers, development communication specialists and can also be a part of various social media field by national and international organizations.

Road Map