The program emphasizes the design process and encourages student to develop their creative talent, sharpen their skills using professional equipment.

We offer a comprehensive curriculum conducive to learning theoretical and practical techniques for approaching fashion design. The curriculum is determined to be an intensive set of courses including design atelier, technical workshops, theory and covers various kind of fashions (women wear, casual wear, occasional wear… etc.) developing both the design capabilities and technical ability to produce garments.

The program concentrates on developing skills in design, fashion sketching, forecasting, presentations and provides a strong technical background in patternmaking, draping and sewing. Students gain an awareness of the aesthetics of fashion design, develop an ability to plan and execute garments at a high quality level, paying attention to the functions (movement, comfort, draping) as well as the beauty of the garment; develop a professional portfolio geared to their individual career goals. In addition today much of fashion design is been aided by the use of computers and design programs. A number of courses give the students a greater understanding of the immense power and control of computer software to create graphic design materials, digital illustrations and develop their own e-portfolio.

Our graduates are prepared for professional employment in fashion field including careers as fashion designer, fashion stylist, fashion illustrator and also to work in positions that demand creative design ability in display, computer-aided design advertising, accessories and costume design and many more…


To be enrolled in bachelor or Diploma Program at Art & Design Department, 45% in HSSC or equivalent is required.


Degree Title:
Bachelor in Fashion Design

Minimum Duration:
4 years, 8 Semester

Credit Hours:
136 credit hours

Scheme of Studies

Semester 1

Code Subject Name Cr.hrs
GE-111 Functional English 2
FD-515 Introductory Drawing 3
FF-121 Design Foundations 3
FC-121 Color Study 3
TA-111 Textile Analysis 3
GD-101 Digital Applications 1 2
GD-121 Basic Drafting 2
Total 18

Semester 2

Code Subject Name Cr.hrs
GE-112 Business English 2
FD-152 Intermediate Drawing 3
FA-112 Art History 2
TS-131 Studio Techniques 1 2
FC-111 Fashion Concepts 3
GD-102 Digital Applications 2 2
FI-131 Basic Sketching 2
GS-111 Pakistan Studies 2
Total 18

Semester 3

Code Subject Name Cr.hrs
FS-241 Basic Sewing Techniques 1 2
FP-221 Principle of Pattern Making 1 2
FI-232 Fashion Illustration 1 2
FD-251 Draping 1 3
FG-211 Garment History 2
FL-253 Life Drawing 3
GS-212 Islamic Studies/ Ethics 2
FT-221 Textile Design 1 2
Total 18

Semester 4

Code Subject Name Cr.hrs
FS-242 Basic Sewing Techniques 2
FP-222 Principles of Pattern Making 2 3
FI-233 Fashion Illustration 2 2
FD-252 Draping 2 3
GE-213 Communication Skills 2
FD-203 Digital Design 2
GM-211 Principles of Management 2
FT-222 Textile Design 2 2
Total 18

Semester 5

Code Subject Name Cr.hrs
FP-323 Flat Pattern Design 1 2
FS-343 Advance Sewing Techniques 1 3
FD-353 Advance Draping 1 3
FI-304 Digital Illustration 2
Fl-334 Fashion Design Studio 3
TW-251 Woven Concepts 3
GM-322 Business Mathematics 2
Total 18

Semester 6

Code Subject Name Cr.hrs
FS-344 Advance Sewing Techniques 2 3
FP-324 Flat Pattern Design 2 2
FD-354 Advance Draping 2 3
FI-335 Fashion Design Studio 2 3
FM-312 Principle of Marketing 2
TE-331 Surface Embellishment 3
Elective 2
Total 18

Semester 7

Code Subject Name Cr.hrs
GR-414 Research Methods & Skills 2
FC-445 Garment Construction 3
FI-336 Fashion Design Studio 3 3
FA-431 Fashion Accessories 2
FP-411 Portfolio Development 2
CP-441 Photography 2
Elective 2
Total 16

Semester 8

Code Subject Name Cr.hrs
GF-415 Final Project (Thesis) 2
FC-446 Final Project – Collection
FI-337 Garment Construction (Collection) 3
FA-432 Fashion Design Studio ( Collection) 3
FE-405 Fashion Accessories (collection) 2
IN-403 E- portfolio 2
Internship 0
Total 12