The objective of this school is to produce computer scientists, who from the backbone of the rapidly growing IT industry. The department is focused on developing an in depth understanding of both the theoretical and practical aspects of computer science through rigorous course work.

Students are given unique opportunities to go beyond traditional learning and get involved in research activities through various research and industrial collaboration programs carried out on campus.

Our courseware is tailored according to the international standards to nurture capacity building and original thinking in our graduates for life-long-learning. Our graduates would be highly sought after by both national and international IT industry.


To promote computational thinking in students for creating knowledge based on Computer Science and Software Engineering in Pakistan, to meet international standards; and to produce socially responsible human beings.


  • Provide quality undergraduate and graduate studies in the field of Computer Science and Software Engineering through technology based education and to induce problem solving skills.
  • Establish Industry Academia interaction program to generate innovative skills.
  • Teach ethical values and social commitment.
Computer Science Department