Department of English, Literature and Linguistics


Department of English, literature and linguistics, Iqra National University offers dynamic approaches in the field of English language and literature under the supervision of highly educated and dedicated faculty members, who are specialized in their respective areas of English language and Literature. The department offers graduate programs for the students who seek innovative opportunities in a collaborative learning environment. While designing the syllabi, the faculty has tried to strike a harmonious balance between Literature and Linguistics by observing the recommended guidelines of HEC.

As an English major, at Iqra National University, your academic career will strike an ideal with a wide array of academic programs, we brace up our undergraduate students to forge careers in professional and academic job markets. Our graduates thus leave empowered with skills in oral and written communication, critical thinking, and problem-solving. This enables them to collaborate and excel in an increasingly globalized employability in fields as diverse as teaching, media, communication, civil service, and many others.

We also aim to foster an aptitude for advanced learning and research among our students. For this, our faculty members dedicate themselves to impart excellence and outstanding scholarship.

It Develops the language skills in connection with the surrounding social set up, understanding various approaches to second language acquisition/learning along with the multiple historical and cultural contexts of English language, literature and linguistics. Language and literature are two areas of study that go hand-in-hand. One must know a language to study its literature. We pride ourselves in equipping our students with the analytical tools to engage critically in the global exchange of ideas.

Our education program opens you to various scope of societies, archives, and ways of thinking. Our language projects will prepare you to travel, convey, and function as a worldwide resident. We’re focused on delivering exceptional yields, to produce public impact and significant social engagement. If you are thinking of studying in English language and literature, the faculty at Iqra National University Peshawar is committed to provide you world-class resources.

Prof. Dr. Sahibzada Aurangzeb


To adept the aesthetic as well as didactic purpose of English language and literature to produce highly humanized and philanthropic citizens with objective of evolving the Pakistani English in alignment with contemporary trends around the world to meet international standards.


To facilitate the enrolled students to grow academically, and cognitively within a socially and culturally supportive environment to enable them problem-solving in graduate and professional study with the aim to contribute in society building through innovative quality education in Linguistics and Literature to produce individuals with great analytical capabilities and critical thinking skills.