Dr. Atif Ishtiaq

I am esteemed to lead the Faculty of Computing at such a mechanically propelled time when the use of the most recent innovation is significant in surviving and contending in the information economy. The staff is consistently developing, including new disciplines and specializations.

Keeping in view the total reliance of the contemporary world prerequisites over Information innovation the projects offered by the office are custom-made towards creating PC researchers fit for accomplishing new statures in advancement and upgrade of innovation to give the world a far superior tomorrow. Our projects are authorized by the Higher Education Commission and to accomplish brilliance we entirely take after the standard educational module rules as set by the HEC.

Through brilliance in research, instruction, and benefit, our devoted workforce has separated itself into the central zones of computer science and in many related multi-disciplinary ranges. We keep on stressing differences in our hiring – and firmly bolster the making of a different workforce through our understudy selection and maintenance programs.

The future holds many difficulties. The design of PCs that we manage regularly is evolving: multi-center processors are here and are quick supplanting the single-CPU/single-center desktop and tablet. Excitement as amusements, movies, and music now depends intensely on elite registering. PC equipment and programming plague gadgets and gear that we utilize each day and has accordingly turned into the essential wellspring of adaptable and fluctuated usefulness – and thus a key driver of the worldwide economy. Ventures of national and worldwide significance in sciences and engineering look for computer science as a fundamental means for progression and administration. Our faculty and staff work enthusiastically to give adaptable, appealing, and significant instruction at the undergraduate and graduate levels to produce a workforce equipped for meeting these different challenges.

CS Department
Iqra National University

Computer Science Department