The Media Studies and Mass Communication Department was established in 2015. IQRA National University introduced 4years BS program of Media Studies and Mass Communication for the first time in Peshawar.

Full-time faculty members specialized in communication-related academic research and professional media disciplines are available in department.

The undergraduate curriculum of the Media Studies and Mass Communication Department is made up of skilled courses that focus on the practice of journalism and media production and conceptual courses that teach students to analyze media and media institutions in a democratic society. We stand out among other mass media programs in our emphasis on both practice and theory.


The vision of Media Studies and Mass Communication Department of IQRA National University is to bring about such individuals in the society and professional career which not only have the skills to endure the hardships that are embedded with in this profession but also to cope and mold them into bringing about positive change in community and society. Thus, leading themselves and the nation to a better, writer and smarter future.

Our students have daily collaborative contact with faculty members who’s professional portfolios for storytelling, design and interactive experiences include projects from Pakistan Television, Geo News, Capital TV, Mashriq TV and Newspaper and Today’s Muslim Newspaper.

There are productive faculty members who involves students in virtually all of their research, creative projects, publications and awards for experimental learning.T


The mission of Media Studies and Mass Communication Department at IQRA National University is to provide excellence in education on fundamental concepts, values and skills in media studies that focus on problem solving, critical thinking, innovation and communication. The department will be recognized as a leading center for Journalism education in the 21st century.

The theoretical and applied media studies and mass communication program will continue to prepare students for professional and personal success. The mission of media studies and mass communication program is to develop students who possess a strong liberal art background, think critically and understand the concepts and skills that will equip them for meaningful communication careers that can advance civic life globally and across culture.

Our mission is to provide future journalists with the intellectual training and professional skills necessary together, evaluate, organize and disseminate information in a way that enables citizen to participate in democratic society in meaningful way.

To encourage and provide all the students in understanding the role of press in a multicultural society this includes an understanding of the legal and ethical issues which are an integral part of the journalism profession. The studies will include practicing and performing a research in the fields of Broadcasting, Telecasting, Direction, Editing, Advertising, Creative Writing, Production and public relations.



  • Engage with the community
  • Communicate ethically and professionally
  • Understand global diversity
  • Think and reflect critically
  • Embrace technology to serve the public good.


  • We strive to educate ethical, socially responsible, well rounded and fair-minded Reporters and Producers of visual and verbal messages.
  • We prepare students for lifelong learning beyond their first job by teaching them to be active participants in society who can critically consume as well as produce media content.
  • Strengthen profession skills development to ensure we are providing the greatest opportunity for student career placement.
  • Improve student career preparation, readiness and competitive standing.


  • Program Name: B.S (Hons.) Media Studies and Mass Communication
  • Program duration: 4 Years/ 8 Semesters
  • Credit Hours: 133
  • Courses: 45 including Internship and Final Project


F.A/F.Sc with 2nd division or A-Levels with 45% marks


  • Electronic Media
  • Print Media
  • Advertising and Public Relations


  • The curriculum is built on a foundation of basic skills: Writing, TV Production, Radio Production, Reporting, Advertising, Public Relations, Direction, Ethics, Law and Critical thinking.
  • Students work across broadcast, print and internet media but may develop their own specialty.
  • The state of the art, Multimedia Newsroom/Studio and Computer Labs provide hands on class room experiment and offer opportunities to produce professional News Anchors, Reporters, Producers News Directors and Writers.
  • Faculty members come from diverse research and professional backgrounds; many of them are experienced print and broadcast journalists who provide inside beyond text books. Media professionals regularly interact with students as Guest lecturers and adjunct professors.
  • Students work on professional videos and audio recording systems, camera’s and associated accessories to produce award winning journalism.  
Media Studies & Mass Communication Department