The department employs competent faculty members qualified to accomplish the mission and goals of INU. Currently, Ph.D and MS faculty qualified from local and foreign reputable university are serving the civil engineering department.

Our staff has set high standards in terms of competence, effectiveness, professional licensure, certifications, honors and awards. There is notable continuous documented excellence in terms of teaching, and other achievements that contribute to effective teaching and student learning.



1 Dr. Engr. Muhammad Zahid Assistant Professor
2 Dr. Zahid Ullah Assistant Professor
3 Engr. Abdul Basit Khan Program Cordinator
4 Engr. Abdul Waheed Lecturer
5 Engr. Adeed Khan Lecturer
6 Engr. Ameer Hamza Durrani Lab. Engineer
7 Engr. Amjad Islam Assistant Professor
8 Engr. Farasat Ali Lecturer
9 Engr. Fawad Ahmad Lab. Engineer
10 Engr. Fawad Ahmad Lecturer
11 Engr. Fawad Khan Lecturer
12 Engr. Furqan Wali Lab. Engineer
13 Engr. Humaira Arshad Lab. Engineer
14 Engr. Imtiaz Khan Head of Programs / Lecturer
15 Engr. Iqtidar Ali Lecturer
16 Engr. Khurshid Alam Lab. Engineer
17 Engr. Liaqat Ali Lecturer
18 Engr. Marvan Raza Lecturer
19 Engr. Muhammad Haris Siddiqui Lecturer
20 Engr. Muhammad Majid Naeem Lecturer
21 Engr. Muhammad Saqib Lecturer
22 Engr. Muneeb Khan Lecturer
23 Engr. Nadeem Ullah Lecturer
24 Engr. Naqash Ahmad Leb. Engineer
25 Engr. Rabia Bashir Lab. Engineer
26 Engr. Shehla Nawaz Lab. Engineer
27 Engr. Syed Ashraf Ali Lecturer
28 Engr. Yaseen Mahmood Lecturer
29 Hamid Nawab Lab Assistant
30 Harmain Lab. Assistant
31 Ihsan ul Mulk Lab. Engineer
32 Ijaz Ahmad Dean PA
33 Imran Khan Lecturer
34 Muhammad Omair Lab. Engineer
35 Shah Faisal Lab Assistant
36 Shahzaib Khan Lab Assistant
37 Shomaila Mazhar Lecturer
38 Touheed Khan Lab. Assistant
39 Walid Farid Lab. Assistant
40 Zubair Lab Assistant
41 Alina Babar Lecturer
42 Anwar Shamim Lecturer
43 Arbab Mohammad Hanif Lab. Assistant
44 Asghar Junaid Lab. Assistant
45 Awais Khan Lab. Assistant
Civil Engineering Department